VW Parts for VW Cars

VW Parts for VW Cars

A little maintenance goes a long way.

We at Mississauga Volkswagen takes pride and understand the importance of safety for all our guest. We believe that a little maintenance goes a long way and would like to share the following Volkswagen Original leaflets with you. These pamphlet provide useful maintenance information and tips so you can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen for many years to come. Only Volkswagen Original parts are engineered specifically for your vehicle. No retrofitting required. No modifications needed. Just the right part for your car at the right price.

German-engineered, built to last, and backed by a limited warranty of 1 year / 20,000 km*. Ask your dealer about the benefits of Volkswagen Original parts, service and accessories today.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our dealership at (905) 569-3233. Enjoy the pamphlets!

Please download one of our parts pamphlet for more details


The battery is the main source of power required to start your engine and it also serves as a storage device for energy produced by the alternator as you drive. Statistically majority of breakdowns occurs due to battery failures. Avoid the dangers and the inconveniences of roadside breakdowns by replacing the battery every 4 – 5 years. Find out the benefits of purchasing a Volkswagen original battery by clicking the link below.

Batteries Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 363.8kB)


Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system, and are crucial to keeping you safe. Wear and tear can occur every time the brakes are used. During this process the brake pads and the disc are worn down. Brake discs and pads are the components subject to the most extreme wear and tear along with your tires. If one of these components wears out, it should be replaced immediately! Find out the benefits of purchasing original Volkswagen brakes by clicking the link below.

Brakes Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 373.7kB)


Volkswagen collects used parts, remanufactures them, and offers them as Original Exchange Parts. There are over 10,300 items from roughly 60 product groups, including engines and transmissions that can be apart of this program. To ensure the highest quality in the refurbished products, Volkswagen replaces worn-out parts with new parts and all other components are checked and reconditioned. Find out the benefits of Volkswagen Original Exchange by clicking the link below.

Exchange Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 426.5kB)

Pollen Filter

The filter is a preventative measure used against pollen and fine dust from entering the vehicle interior. A clogged filter can allow dirt particles to reach the air conditioning unit causing negative impact on its operation and can cause unpleasant odors. This can also affect safety as the Blower performance can be reduced by clogged filters, causing windows to fog up more quickly. Find out the benefits of purchasing original Volkswagen filters by clicking the link below.

Pollen Filter Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 488.9kB)

Shock Absorber

Worn out shock absorbers can increase the braking distance required for an emergency stop. Driver assistance systems like ABS and ESP only work properly when the suspension system delivers correct ”information.” Malfunctioning shock absorbers distort this information. The wear of shock absorbents can go unnoticed. It is important to check the shock absorbers every 60,000 to 80,000 km. Find out the benefits of purchasing Volkswagen original shock absorber by clicking on the link below.

Shock Absorber Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 423.6kB)

Timing Belt

The timing belt keeps the moving parts synchronized at all times, and to avoid an impact between pistons and valves, which would cause serious engine damage. Most engine damage in older vehicles can be attributed to defective timing belts. It is important to replace the timing belt at least once every 6 years. Click on the link below to find out the benefits of purchasing Volkswagen original timing belts.

Timing Belt Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 359.8kB)

Wipers Blades

Wiper blades is your first line of defense against poor weather conditions such as rain and snow. Solar radiation, ozone and other environmental factors cause the rubber of every wiper blade to eventually become porous, cracked and hardened. When wiper blades are damaged, they leave streaks or a dirty film on the windshield, and can squeak or skip across the glass. At this point, the wiper blades should be changed immediately. Find out the benefits of purchasing wiper blades from Volkswagen by clicking the link below.

Wiper Blades Pamphlet Download PDF (PDF; 361.7kB)

* A limited warranty of 1 year / 20,000 km (whichever occurs first) applies when parts or accessories are ordered and installed after the purchase or lease of your vehicle.