Parts Specials

You've purchased one of the finest automobiles on the road. It is our job to help you keep it that way. Nothing fits your VW like Factory Original VW Parts. Nothing preserves its performance, warranty or safety like the actual part made for your car. We have a great team of experienced VW Certified Parts Consultants at Mississauga Volkswagen that are ready to help in any way.

Selling and servicing VWs for more than 30 years gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to finding that special part for your VW, old or new. Safety, resale value and reliability are just some of the reasons to see us when you need VW parts. Please contact us directly - we can help.

Treat your vehicle right and see our parts department for new wiper blades, a fresh air filter or any other parts needed to keep your VW driving like a VW.

Summer Check Up

Your brakes are your vehicle's most important safety system. They must be in perfect working order, especially if they are to operate quickly and effectively in hazardous situations.

Every time you press the brakes, your brake pump accentuates the pressure that is placed to the brake line system from your leg and your brake pads apply themselves to the disc, therefore reducing its speed, and your car stops.

If one part of the system is worn and not functioning your summer trip plans can come to a sudden stop before they've started.

What can happen if I don't get my brakes regularly checked and replace pads or discs?

The longevity of your VW brake lines can be affected by cracking either due to extreme summer temperatures or extreme winter temperatures. Salt can also corrode your brake lines and all your VW wheel hub components. We take particular care when examining your VW hubs. Failure to change your VW brake fluid may result to improper ABS sensor and valve functioning or brake caliper failure, resulting in expensive repairs.

Your brake fluid is hydroscopic; it loves to absorb water. They can be easily affected by moisture in the environment and therefore lose its properties of passing on the power you exert on the brake pedal. This results in easier boiling in warm temperatures or in high performance applications and the much earlier onset of brake fade. This can be particularly evident in long downhill rides on your long summer trips.

How To Keep Your Brakes in Shape:

When you pads are worn down, they make a screeching sound that results from metal to metal/ disk contact. This can result in disk scarring and failure of the whole brake system in extreme cases.

We can offer you the replacement of your worn VW OEM parts with either Upgraded Parts, with VW Original Parts or with our VW Value Packages. All our VW parts are guaranteed for 1 year and/ or 20,000 km.

Keep Your Brakes in Shape

Contact the Mississauga VW service team to ensure that your VW brakes are working properly and that your VW vehicle is safe, roadworthy and reliable for your summer travels.